Behind the scenes, not just of Christmas logistics: what does it take to deliver the last mile efficiently and sustainably? 

the best of last mile logistics DODO

At Christmas, logistics has been handled by masters of the trade for centuries. Whether it’s Father Christmas, Weihnachtsmann, St. Nicholas or Grandpa Koleda, we bow to their skill in delivering the right packages in the right time slot. For the rest of the year, we strive to match their efforts and provide efficient and sustainable last-mile logistics. Join us for a look back at 2023 and the highlights we have in store for you on the blog. 

Three out of four people want fast delivery from an e-shop 

In the first half of the year, we took a look at what people expect from e-commerce purchases. Is it a wide range of products? A reasonable price? And what role does shipping play in this? The survey revealed that fast delivery is key for three out of four shoppers. Shipping also plays a big part in whether people abandon their shopping cart. Check out the full results of the shopping behavior survey in the context of last mile logistics

Specifics of our work for different clients 

Our commercial director described to the Packaging Herald how food delivery differs from ready meals or how a virtual cross-dock works. Check out the interview with Peter Menky.  

How to get more satisfied customers in e-commerce 

Delivering within defined time slots is handled brilliantly by our Christmas colleagues. But we’re not lagging behind either. Time slots allow end customers to plan their time, contributing to a better customer experience. Find out more about the benefits of time slot delivery. 

Three easy ways to integrate with DODO 

We were unable to find out what technology Santa uses and other gift-givers are also keeping quiet. So there’s no choice but to come up with your own ways to pass on order information. Take a look at the three most common ways to integrate your e-shop with DODO. 

How to prepare for the Christmas season in e-grocery 

Let’s be honest, neither Grandpa Koleda nor Weihnachtsmann or their colleagues usually deal with delivering the ingredients for all the Christmas goodies. However, we believe our tips for a smooth year-end food delivery would be appreciated. Plus, they come in handy at any time of the year, not just Christmas.  

Whoever is giving out gifts in your area, we wish that all your secret wishes come true and that you enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones in addition to the gifts. 

Merry Christmas and happy 2024!