Express delivery of fast food and ready meals is an established standard in the market. Delivery times are already within 30 minutes. The end customer receives the food as hot as if they had ordered it directly from the restaurant. The main advantages are speed and safe handling of the shipment.

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We deliver from
restaurants or darkstores

Why is the quality of delivery so important?

of customers
will repeat their purchase if they are satisfied with the delivery.
of customers
are prepared to pay extra for same day delivery if the situation requires it.
of customers
are prepared to pay extra for same-day delivery, even if their situation does not require it.
Fleet management
You don’t have to worry about fleet maintenance and insurance payments.
Worrying about HR
You don’t have to worry about any other employees or couriers.
We save the environment by optimizing routes and CNG propulsion in our vehicles.

What clients have we helped simplify their business?


Fast food has to get to customers very quickly. But such delivery is logistically demanding and requires perfectly managed logistics processes. The fast food chain KFC found this out, and after a year of its own delivery, it turned to us instead. After the pilot operation in Pilsen, we moved the cooperation to other Czech cities.

Client problems:

DODO Solution:

We manage logistics using the data-driven GAIA platform

Through our own logistics platform, we evaluate 300+ data items daily. This data enables us to optimize all processes. Our goal is to make urban logistics more efficient and sustainable.

Flexible delivery

Shipments are delivered in time intervals or slots. They start at 30 minutes. The main goal is convenience for the end customer.

Safety and reliability

As we are constantly collecting operational data, we place maximum emphasis on their safety. Encryption of data during transmission is standard in our country.

Zonal logistics

We optimize routes for faster and more cost-effective delivery. We know how to make the most of our fleet, making delivery sustainable at the same time.

Courier ratings

To ensure a high standard of service quality, we use a courier scoring system. The system evaluates their driving style, accident rate and client feedback.

Advanced reporting

We have a real-time overview of operational efficiency based on the data we collect. Our partners can access the same information via API.

Cash management

Our system is designed for all available payment methods – cash, vouchers, credit cards. Security of payment transactions is a priority for us.

Data are the key to efficient urban logistics

We evaluate up to 350 indicators daily that impact our fleet operations. In addition to high productivity, our goal is sustainable urban mobility.
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With us, entering the world of e-commerce is a breeze

Leave e-commerce to us

We make starting an e-commerce business as easy as possible. It’s up to you to do what you do best. Take care of the growth of your business.

No internal system, warehouses or couriers? No problem!

DoDo’s large fleet of couriers will deliver your goods anywhere in the Czech Republic and beyond. Plus, thanks to our pickup app, you don’t have to use your own warehouses.

Our couriers are experienced professionals

Meeting with a courier is one of the most important aspects of delivery. At DoDo, we want to make this experience the best possible for all customers. That’s why we continuously evaluate and train our couriers. English is a matter of course.

4 You get access to the most accurate data

The entire DoDo system is built on working with the real-time data you get from us. This data allows you to optimise your ad targeting more effectively and understand your customers better.

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