Delivery for e-commerce

Would you like to offer same-day delivery of e-commerce shipments, within a time interval of your customers’ choosing, plus a return from their own doorstep? These are exactly the services we offer for all e-commerce segments, including pharmacies, electrical, fashion, DIY, sports equipment, drugstores or home and pet supplies. Use DODO for your shipments.

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Innovative solutions for last mile delivery in e-commerce

Need to send a package? Fast delivery is key for three quarters of online shoppers. While next day delivery will suffice in some places, same day delivery is growing in popularity with some customers. Specifically for Gen Z, 35% are using it. Being able to choose the time of delivery and the subsequent fast and professional delivery is thus an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. At DODO, however, we go the extra mile when it comes to last mile logistics. Our couriers have a data-driven GAIA platform and we are the first to offer second-door delivery as standard.


Why outsource last mile logistics to DODO


Choice of time slots

Sending a shipment with DODO is that simple. We work with you to set up 1-4 hour-slots that customers can choose from when placing an order. With time slots, you’ll increase the quality of service and convenience for your customers, which eliminates the need to wait for a courier.

Second door delivery

The delivery of oversized parcels to the front door is routine for us. It will help you raise the standard of the service you offer and improve the customer experience. We can arrange delivery from the warehouse or store where your customers have selected the goods.

Eco-friendly transport with a tailor-made fleet

Getting your company’s commitment to sustainable logistics is easy with us. Our vehicles run on alternative power (electric/CNG) and our GAIA platform helps optimise routes. We always choose our fleet according to the type of shipment you need.

Shipment tracking

Your customers will have a detailed overview of where their shipment is. We constantly monitor the transport of your package. First, we send standard time slot notifications. In the last stage of the delivery, customers can track the courier on a map and get a more accurate indication of the delivery time.

Professional couriers

Our couriers are professionals. We regularly train them and evaluate the quality of their service. For this we use a scoring system and customer feedback. This way we can continuously improve the quality of delivery and thus contribute to a better perception of your brand.

Standard delivery

convenient delivery and collection

Weight Number of couriers
up to 30 kg 1
Service used by
We deliver packages up to 30 kg in selected time slots by one courier. Our data-driven platform GAIA takes care of planning the ideal routes. Thanks to it, we can minimize the number of transfers and maximize the reliability of delivery in a given time. In addition to deliveries from the e-shop, we also offer collections from customers.
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Oversized parcel delivery

always at the doorstep

Weight Number of couriers
over 30 kg 2
Service used by
Large parcels or parcels weighing over 30 kg are delivered by a larger car with two couriers. They also take everything out the other door, which increases the quality of service for your customers. We can arrange delivery from your warehouse or from the store where your customers have selected the goods.

We use our proprietary data-driven GAIA platform for route calculation and reporting, which allows us to ensure an environmentally friendly, fast and convenient delivery.
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Get a reliable partner for superior customer service

Customers are becoming more demanding, as is last-mile delivery. For example, did you know that 40% of shoppers lack express delivery or that 54% of customers use same-day delivery for scheduled purchases?

We can help you not only meet customer demands, but set a new standard of service. Fast and convenient time slot delivery, doorstep delivery and professional couriers will set you apart from your competitors and improve customer perception of your brand.



Express delivery of parcels in the non-food segment is becoming a market standard. Delivery times are already within 30 minutes. This means that the end customer receives the shipment a few minutes after ordering.

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stores, showrooms or pick-up points

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Same day

Same day

Delivery within 24 hours of ordering is becoming a market standard. It works on the basis of time slots. Its advantage is the speed and accuracy of delivery. The customer chooses the exact delivery time within one day that is most convenient for them.

We deliver from

shops, showrooms, darkstores, pick-up points or warehouses

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Next day

Next day

Delivery within 48 hours of ordering is the market standard. It works on the basis of time slots of 15 minutes or more. The slots maximize delivery accuracy. They allow the end customer to choose the exact delivery time that is most convenient for them.

We deliver from

shops, showrooms, darkstores, pick-up points or warehouses

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