Unique GAIA technology

You won’t miss our iconic green cars. But it’s not just our large fleet of CNG vehicles that makes us a sought-after B2B logistics partner. Our unique product is GAIA, a logistics platform through which the dispatching department communicates with couriers as well as the complete organization and planning of orders from our clients. Through the collected data, we optimize all processes and other functions.



GAIA maximizes the efficiency of the entire process by constantly monitoring all data.



Thanks to agile scaling, logistics capacities adapt flexibly to any conditions.



The innovation of the logistics model mitigates its negative environmental impacts.

Challenges of contemporary urban logistics

Last mile delivery is the most expensive segment of the entire journey and accounts for up to 53 % of the total transport costs.

Moreover, its coordination is a complex process with many variables. Optimising delivery time, transport, fuel consumption or the use of couriers is key to successful delivery. In addition to cost and organisation, the problem is the sharp increase in the number of deliveries, which causes traffic congestion and air pollution in cities. By 2030, CO2 emissions in densely populated areas are expected to increase by 32%.

In addition, different types of goods peak at different times. As a result, carriers’ trucks often run half-empty.

Zone logistics is an approach where resources such as couriers or vehicles are shared between clients. This allows us to maximise their use, increase overall delivery efficiency, reduce operating costs and reduce negative environmental impacts. All of this will give you a head start on the competition.

GAIA platform with picking app:
an easy start in the world of e-commerce

Pick-up application – Customers can order their purchases on Pennydom.cz e-shop up to three days in advance, the fastest delivery is two hours after ordering. In cooperation with Penny, the logistics startup also comes for the first time with the competence of complete order picking. In order to launch this service, DoDo has developed its own app that allows orders to be placed directly with the nearest store by a courier who then delivers them. Orders from the e-shop will therefore not disrupt the normal operation of the brick-and-mortar store. For merchants, the provision of picking by a carrier means a further facilitation and acceleration of potential online entry.

What does it look like in practice?

The end customer sees only a smiling courier and the green car that delivered his parcel. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind every successful delivery is a unique technology that ensures everything arrives on time without any problems.

Delivery through the eyes of the client
Delivery from DODO’s perspective

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