Research: demand for same day delivery in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia   

A recent research we have done for the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary shows that these countries have a lot in common when it comes to online shopping. Fast e-shop delivery is important to three quarters of the respondents across the countries. Likewise, Gen Z has similar needs – a third of 18-26 year olds prefer same day delivery. However, the willingness to pay extra for shipping or concern about its environmental impact varies.  

The Czech Republic: most planned purchases with same day delivery

Same day delivery is generally used by people when they run out of something or forget to buy something they need. In the Czech Republic the highest proportion of planned purchases that customers want to have delivered on the same day as the order is 54%. At the same time, people in the Czech Republic want to pay the least for fast delivery: only 37% of respondents are willing to pay €4.5 or more.

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Germany: Clear preference for home/office delivery

People shopping online in Germany want home or office delivery by far the most. This option is preferred by 77% of them, which is significantly higher than other countries (Hungary 63%, Slovakia 52%, Czech Republic 44%). Germans are also most interested in eco-friendly transport. 56% of the respondents mentioned it as an important factor. 

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Slovakia: The most preferred same day delivery

30% of shoppers in Slovakia prefer same-day or 90-minute delivery, the most of any country surveyed. Slovakia also has the largest gap between customers who would like same day delivery (30%) and those who actually use it (15%). There is therefore a large growth potential for e-shops here.

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Hungary: Most incomplete purchases due to expensive transport

Low shipping costs are one of the most important criteria for online shopping in all countries surveyed. Hungarians, however, are most sensitive to the cost of transport. If delivery is too expensive for them, 71% of shoppers will abandon their basket. Environmental transport is also important in Hungary, with 41% of respondents citing it as a key factor.

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Comparison of purchasing behavior 

Delivery within 90 minutes or on the same day of ordering is most preferred in the Czech Republic (29%) and Slovakia (30%). In the Czech Republic and Slovakia there is also the biggest gap between customers who want same day delivery and people who actually use it. In the Czech Republic it is 14% and in Slovakia 15%, while in Hungary it is only 7% and in Germany 5%. This is a promising potential for e-shops, which can gain more customers through faster delivery.  

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Where they are willing to pay extra for same day delivery

While in the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary the most common reason for fast delivery is that people forgot to buy something, in Slovakia people choose it when they run out of something. Germans, however, do not focus on delivery speed as often. 

It is also interesting to compare the willingness to pay extra for delivery. In all countries except the Czech Republic, more than half of customers have no problem paying an extra €4.5 or more for same day delivery. Most in Germany (69% of respondents) and Slovakia (57%). In Hungary, 51% of customers accept a higher delivery price, while in the Czech Republic only 37% of customers do.  

Home delivery and eco-friendly transport are most wanted by Germans 

Germans most often want home or work delivery, by a wide margin over other methods. Specifically, 77% of respondents prefer this delivery. This is followed by Hungarians with 63%, Slovaks with 52% and Czechs with 44%. German buyers also consider eco-friendly delivery much more relevant. It is important to 56% of them, while in the Czech Republic and Slovakia it is only 27% of customers. 

How the customer research was conducted

The data in this article is based on the CAWI quantitative research, which was prepared for us by Behavio. Data collection was conducted in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany in the first half of 2023 on a sample of 1,200 consumers in each country. The sample of online customers was representative by age, gender and region. .