5 reasons to implement same day delivery in your e-shop 

More new customers, more loyalty from existing customers or fewer abandoned carts – these are the goals of many e-commerce managers. Achieving them doesn’t have to be just about improving the site’s UX or advertising more often, but can be hidden somewhere else entirely…  

According to a recent survey of shopping behavior in Central Europe, introducing same-day delivery can bring you all the benefits mentioned above. Let’s take a look at the 5 areas where same day delivery is proving to deliver results. 

1. Meeting ever-higher customer expectations 

Our recent market research showed that three quarters of shoppers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary consider fast delivery of goods from an e-shop to be a key factor in their purchase. In Germany, the figure is as high as 77%. Around a third of the Gen Z respondents in all countries surveyed prefer same day delivery. In the world of online shopping, customer expectations are constantly evolving, and it is essential to keep up with them. 

2. Utilizing the gap between demand and desire

E-commerce research from the first half of 2023 also revealed an interesting gap. Although a significant number of customers prefer same-day delivery, not all of them are able to take advantage of it. 

Same day delivery or delivery within 90 minutes is something 29% of shoppers in the Czech Republic would like to use, but only 15% have the option to order it. The remaining 14% of people are not offered this option by e-shops. The situation is similar in Slovakia, where the ratio is 30:15. In Hungary and Germany, the gap between wish and reality is 7% and 5% respectively.  

For those online retailers that offer same-day delivery, this opens up a significant growth opportunity. It is also good news that in all countries except the Czech Republic, more than half of shoppers are willing to pay €4.5 or more for same day delivery. 

3. Orders under time pressure

Same-day delivery is not just a luxury for shoppers – in many cases it’s a necessity. It is often used by people who run out of something or forget to buy an item they need. In the Czech Republic, 72% of online purchases with same-day delivery are driven by just such an urgent need. In Hungary it is 67%, Slovakia 63% and Germany 52% of online purchases.  

You may also be surprised to learn that people also use same day delivery for planned purchases, especially in the Czech Republic, where more than half of the customers do so. Those who offer fast delivery clearly score positive points here. 

4. Fewer abandoned shopping baskets

Worried about unfinished shopping and abandoned baskets? This may be due to the cost of shipping. In fact, high shipping costs are one of the reasons why customers close the browser window at the last step of the checkout process.  

Hungarians are the most sensitive to expensive shipping, with up to 71% abandoning their cart. This is followed by Slovaks (69%), Czechs (67%), and Germans (37%). With affordable same-day delivery, you can avoid incomplete purchases and ensure a higher conversion rate. 

5. Greater loyalty through environmental friendliness

Shopping behavior is also increasingly influenced by environmental concerns. Green transport was cited as a key factor by 56% of Germans, the highest among the countries compared. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, this is only 27% of respondents. By investing in greener delivery options and promoting your commitment to environmental protection, you can attract and retain more environmentally conscious customers. 

Same-day delivery can give your e-shop a significant competitive advantage. Same day delivery gives you: 

  • the ability to target people who would like their purchase delivered quickly but don’t have the option,  
  • the opportunity to attract customers who are under pressure and need things quickly,  
  • greater potential to buy from environmentally-minded customers,  
  • meeting growing customer expectations, 
  • higher conversion rates. 

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