Why entrust food delivery to specialists?

DODO e-grocery delivery

Fast food delivery is key for 82% of online shoppers in Czech Republic (Slovakia: 80 %, Hungary: 75 %, Germany 59 %). However, it can be quite challenging to meet customer demands in-house. Outsourcing of logistics can be the solution. Why should you outsource a key area of your business, such as food delivery to end customers, to specialists? 

Temperature chain compliance

It probably goes without saying that groceries are very specific items and their transport requires special conditions. The key factor is therefore the temperature chain. In the food industry, the temperature chain refers to the management and monitoring of the temperature of the food from the producer to the consumer. The aim is to keep the food in safe temperature conditions throughout the process. This minimizes the risks associated with the development of bacteria and other microorganisms that could be potentially harmful. Breaches in the temperature chain, for example due to improper transport or storage, can lead to the growth of pathogens and contamination of food, which can cause a health risk to the end consumer. 

Our vehicles therefore have special refrigeration systems and our couriers are trained to handle food. We maintain a temperature of 0-4°C for fresh meat and fish, dry ice for frozen food and an uncompromising maximum temperature of 8°C for dairy products.

Saving time and resources

Special vehicles, technology, route planning and driver coordination represent a significant investment. By outsourcing these tasks to DODO, you can allocate these resources to develop other areas of your business. In addition to the actual technical support of delivery, we also have developed our own technological solutions for urban logistics. These include the data-driven logistics platform GAIA or an order predictor using artificial intelligence. These tools allow us not only to increase the efficiency of logistics, but also to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets and the environmental impact of deliveries.

Flexibility and scalability

Seasonal fluctuations, promotional offers or sudden increase in orders can put unnecessary strain on your own delivery system. At DODO, we are ready to respond quickly to the changing needs of your e-commerce store. We deliver directly from stores, warehouses or pick-up points and, thanks to our extensive network of in-house couriers and franchise partners, we deliver groceries on time.

Professional and quality service

We understand how important the delivery experience is for the overall image of your e-shop. That’s why we regularly train our drivers and require compliance with the Courier Code of Conduct. Every DODO courier must also have a valid food handler’s license. We regularly check and evaluate the performance of our drivers, for example, whether they smoke in the car or frequently brake hard. These details also have an impact on the quality of the delivery. To ensure a high standard of service quality, we use a courier scoring system. The system evaluates their driving style, accident rates and client feedback.

Ensuring food safety 

Even though we carry primarily packaged food, we maintain the highest food standards. We verify that thermoboxes are certified for food contact and regularly wash and ozone clean them. We have the boxes’ hygienic safety tested in the laboratory and we also clean the vehicles’ cargo area with ozone. You can be sure that the food from your e-shop will be delivered in the same quality as when it was picked up. 

Our food delivery services are used by the biggest players on the market and we appreciate their trust. We believe that their satisfaction is proof of DODO’s quality and reliability as a partner for last mile logistics in the food industry.

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