Same day delivery across e-commerce segments  

Ordering a lawnmower or refrigerator and having it home the same day was until recently a utopia. But at DODO, we’re changing last-mile logistics and working with clients to expand same-day delivery into industries where it’s far from the norm (yet). Here are some examples of how you can improve the customer experience in e-commerce with our solution.

Same day delivery as a road to growth 

According to a study conducted by Perfect Crowd, up to 84% of customers choose the e-shop that can deliver goods the fastest. On the other hand, long delivery times are a reason for cart abandonment for the majority of people (61%). Thus, it proves that last-mile logistics is an important piece of the puzzle in building a customer base. 

In addition to speed of delivery, the person who delivers the package is also important. The courier may be the only person your customer comes into contact with. Therefore, they should behave and look like a professional, and it’s also important that they know how to use all the tools and applications. It only takes a small thing for a customer to feel like they have made a mistake buying from you. Clean clothes, a nice demeanor and a quick delivery only improve the impression of your e-shop. Then add services such as delivery to the customer’s doorstep or plugging in a device and you have a clear ace up your sleeve. Just like our clients.  

Sports: Decathlon offers same day delivery and a second door drop-off 

Decathlon customers who order before 3pm can have their goods home the same day between 5-9pm. Meeting a New Year’s resolution or going on holiday has never been easier, and the sports chain is going the extra mile for its customers. DODO couriers will take care of the delivery. 

We provide same-day delivery for smaller items (such as bike bottles or gloves for the forgetful) as well as heavy sports equipment. In addition, we will deliver the treadmill or other equipment outside the second door, i.e. in the garden, upstairs or basement. This improves service and the customer experience. In the case of heavy deliveries, we provide so-called two-men delivery. This means two couriers arrive and really take care of everything. 

See the impact of introducing same-day delivery in the Decathlon case study  

Electronics: new fridge in a few hours. Even at the weekend 

How to succeed in the competitive electronics environment? By providing a great “extra” service, just like NAY and Electro World retailers. Thanks to us, they have introduced same day delivery in Bratislava and Prague. Again, two couriers will help with larger deliveries, bringing the new fridge, washing machine or TV to its destination, plugging in and removing the old appliance. 

Thanks to NAY we have expanded our portfolio of delivery standards in the electronics segment. It is quite unlikely that couriers would be transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position. Additionally, we have recognized the significance of wearing protective footwear. 

NAY offers same day delivery for orders confirmed by 2:40pm, the rest of the orders will be delivered within 24 hours. We have similar conditions for our cooperation with Electro World

Find out how quickly we are able to deploy same day delivery in the NAY case study

DIY: Mountfield launches project in regional centers 

People in Pilsen and Brno can get new tools, a lawnmower or outdoor furniture on the same day if they order from Mountfield before 4pm. The chain is thus stepping a little outside the trend of introducing the service in the capital. However, it is definitely paying off. 

Thanks to the integration via the client portal, Mountfield is able to better track and manage same day delivery orders. Our couriers will then take care of a professional and efficient delivery within a predetermined time slot and deliver to, for example, the garden. 

Pharmacy: Smart solution for the Hungarian BENU 

While in the Czech Republic we can deliver medicines by courier, in Hungary the legislation is stricter. However, solving logistical challenges is in our DNA, so we were not discouraged. For our client BENU, we came up with a solution to deliver over-the-counter medicines from the e-shop the same day and comply with the necessary regulations.  

For example, customers in Budapest can order pain medication or other non-prescription drugs with same-day delivery. But there will be another person arriving besides the DODO courier: a pharmacist.   

Do you want us to come up with an innovative last-mile logistics solution for you, too? Schedule an appointment with us today and beat the competition.