Quick and eco-friendly delivery for Nespresso

DODO & Nespresso

We are mindful of sustainability wherever we drive. This is especially true in cities, which are most vulnerable to high traffic density. Environmental consciousness is also important to our new client Nespresso. We started delivering coffee in 2022 and months of successful collaboration have proven that DODO was the right choice.

For Nespresso customers, we mainly deliver their favourite coffee machine capsules. We deliver on the day of order in Prague, Brno and Bratislava using our environmentally friendly CNG-powered vehicles. But it doesn’t stop there. Used capsules get another ride with us. We return them to Nespresso, where they are recycled and given a second life.

We’re happy to do our part to help make every cup of Nespresso coffee the greatest pleasure for the customer and the smallest possible burden on the planet.