Offer your customers scheduled delivery without the need for major e-shop modifications  

DODO widget slot delivery solution for e-shops

More satisfied customers, fewer abandoned carts, and no minimum shipment rates – that’s delivery with DODO. Fast delivery is an important factor for shoppers when choosing an e-commerce site, and we’re working on service and technology enhancements that will make it easier for you to meet your customers’ needs and do business. What does this mean specifically?

Delivery in time slots without the need for major technical adjustments

Did you know that 52% of customers want their purchases delivered in a precise time slot? With us, you can offer this service on your e-shop literally in a few clicks. In fact, we’ve developed a special widget that handles all the technicalities like address selection, contact details and slot selection for you. It is very easy to integrate into your e-shop and you do not have to develop your own solution, so you save IT costs.  

By delivering fast in time slots, you’re also improving customer service, not just for existing customers, but also for those who have decided to abandon their shopping cart due to slow shipping, which according to our survey represents 37% of shoppers. 

The widget takes care of collecting all the important data 

The widget for selecting time slots is as user-friendly and intuitive as possible and meets the expectations of today’s users. The tool makes it easy for shoppers to enter the address and select the time slot. It already suggests the entire address when typing the street, and after confirming it, it offers the customer the available time slots and shows the delivery price directly. If you are shipping on the weekend, it is no problem to deliver the goods on Saturday or Sunday as well. 

No minimum guaranteed shipment volumes

We deliver smaller packages for our clients on a daily basis in units or hundreds of pieces and do not require minimum shipment quantities. So, you may send as few as five standard packages per day. They will reach customers in the same city as your warehouse the same day. 

We divide packages into two basic categories:

Category S are parcels weighing up to 10 kg with the longest side of 60 cm. The total volume of the parcel should not exceed 0.1 m3. For example, it could be a box with dimensions of 60✕40✕40 cm. 

Category M are shipments with a maximum weight of 30 kg, the longest side of 80 cm and a volume of 0.2 m3. This means, for example, a box with dimensions of 80✕50✕50 cm.

Additional services for a better customer experience

We understand the important role delivery plays in the purchasing process. That’s why we don’t just focus on the ordering process itself and working with you professionally, but on the overall impression customers get from the courier service. Often, the courier is the only physical contact with your e-shop, so we pay attention to other factors as well. 

Furthermore, with us you get:

Shipment tracking – your customers will have accurate information on where their shipment is and when it will arrive. 

Delivery to your doorstep – Smaller packages and bulky parcels are delivered to your floor or garden. 

Professional and friendly couriers – Thanks to customer feedback, we know that our couriers’ service has been of a high standard for a long time. 

Different payment options – We can process payment in advance and by card or cash on collection. 

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