Logistics of the future: we are testing drone delivery in Hungary

At DODO, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce delivery times and the environmental impact of logistics. In cooperation with the Rossmann drugstore chain, we are therefore testing drone delivery, which in the future will ensure not only faster and more accurate delivery, but also less emissions and emptier roads.  

Testing of the revolutionary delivery method is underway in Budapest, Hungary. The aim of the first test flight was primarily to measure the time needed for each stage of the delivery process – from placing the package on the drone, to the flight itself, to landing and handing over the order. The drone took off from the Rossmann store in the Savoya Park shopping center and its route covered 15 kilometers over different types of terrain, while it also had to cross the Danube River.  

“We believe that drone delivery will be one of the key solutions of the future in e-commerce that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. We see DODO as a reliable partner that will help us offer this delivery method to our customers as soon as possible.” Ádám Fürjes, Marketing Manager, Rossmann Hungary Ltd. 

Fast even in rush hour traffic 

The test results are very promising. The entire process of the test flight, from receiving the order to safe landing, took 14 minutes, the drone flew at an average speed of 50 km/h at an altitude of between 20 and 50 meters and had no problem landing and delivering the imaginary parcel. Since the weight of the cargo has only a marginal effect on the drone’s flight speed, the results can be considered accurate.  

The great advantage of potential aerial delivery of orders is the independence from external circumstances (except perhaps the weather). When drones will be able to be used in last mile logistics, the speed and quality of delivery will not be affected by traffic jams, accidents, road repairs or other factors related to ground transportation. 

Testing continues 

Our work is far from over with the first test flight. We have only verified that using drones for delivery makes sense in terms of time. Now we will evaluate the results of the first tests and together with Rossmann we will carry out further test flights as soon as possible, this time with a real delivery. As soon as the necessary legislation is in place, we will apply the experience gained in other countries, including the Czech Republic. 

“For DODO, smart logistics and innovation go hand in hand. We are constantly looking for new ways to shorten delivery times and reduce the environmental impact of logistics, so we want to be as prepared as possible for the moment when local legislation authorizes drone delivery.” Peter Menky, DODO Commercial Director 

Safe and sustainable delivery 

The potential of drones is huge, but their use is currently subject to strict regulations at national and European level. Although some US companies already offer drone delivery, we do not yet have the legislation needed to ensure the safety of such operations. Given the regulatory measures, we can currently contribute to the development of this revolutionary technology by at least implementing similar pilot projects.