How to handle the pressure of Black Friday orders and not lose your head

Black Friday DODO tips

Black Friday is a great opportunity to boost sales, but managing the rapid increase in orders is not easy. The success of your online store depends on how well you prepare your logistics. What should you focus on to make sure you manage everything to your and your customers’ satisfaction?

Before we look at the logistics, let’s summarize the preparation phases to ensure that your customers actually make a purchase and that the couriers have something to deliver.

Try to estimate the increase in demand

Review your sales data from the previous year and find patterns in your customers’ behavior. Furthermore, take into account changes in the product range, special offers, and current trends based on information from the suppliers. This information will help you predict which products are likely to be in the highest demand and in what timeframe.

Check the functionality of the website

Nothing can destroy your credibility and customer relationships faster than a poorly functioning website. Make sure your website can handle a significant increase in traffic without slowing down or crashing. Get in touch with your DevOps supplier and ask for an infrastructure boost and, if possible, load testing.

Optimize the website

In addition to the technical aspects of the website, focus on the frontend. Check loading times and resolve any delays. Test that the order and checkout process is simple and functional and that customers don’t get lost in the navigation. These little things often make the difference in whether a customer abandons the cart or not. And don’t neglect the mobile version of the site.

Get your team ready for the upcoming pressure

Many customers will come across your online store for the first time during Black Friday, and there’s only one opportunity for the first impression. So talk to your warehouse and customer support team and consider hiring temps. It’s crucial that everyone understands why you’re doing Black Friday and what it means for their job.

Also, have emergency plans in place for potential emergencies – stock shortages, order delays, or technical difficulties. Speed is key here, so motivate your helpdesk to respond quickly and in a friendly way across channels.

Set up last-mile shipping and logistics options

Is there anything scarier than abandoned shopping carts? Trust that the transport choice and its speed can help you succeed. According to a survey earlier this year, 37% of shoppers abandon their cart due to slow delivery. So more shipping options give customers more flexibility and give you a competitive advantage.

Delivery in time slots

Time slot delivery can help you improve the efficiency of your logistics process during high order volumes. By allowing customers to choose their preferred delivery time, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of failed or missed deliveries. This means cost savings for you and increased overall customer satisfaction.  While offering delivery within specific time windows used to be a rather above-standard service, today it is a crucial feature for more than half of Czechs (52%).

Dynamic pricing

Another tool that can help you speed up delivery and reduce the cost of shipping for customers is the concept of dynamic pricing. At DODO, we offer e-shops the ability to adjust the price of shipping in real time using sophisticated algorithms based on various factors such as demand, time of the day or customer location. This, together with the e-shop, allows customers to have their goods delivered on the same day at a more attractive price. At the same time, thanks to the dynamic pricing, we spread orders across the day, which, among other things, reduces the strain on the warehouse and the couriers during delivery peaks.

Simplify returns of goods

More orders unfortunately means more returns. On the one hand, people buy on impulse, and on the other hand, they may buy the same item in multiple sizes to avoid missing out on their dream piece. So be prepared for some returns. However, the return process should be as simple as possible for the customer. Clear instructions are essential. Include them with the goods or send them automatically by email along with the invoice. However, posting a form on the web to fill out may not be the way to go, as not everyone has a printer at home. If you want to be more customer-friendly, send pre-printed labels, a QR code or offer to pick up the return at home. You can also encourage a positive customer experience with free returns or a longer return period.

Even Black Friday is about longevity

Black Friday isn’t just about sales, it’s also an opportunity to build long-term relationships with your customers. By focusing on simplifying the process of buying, shipping and returning goods, you can turn one-time shoppers into a loyal customer base.

Do you want to master Black Friday or Christmas delivery to perfection? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you set up last mile logistics.