CCO as a courier? Nothing unusual before Christmas

DODO board members couriers

The Christmas season at DODO is traditionally associated with maximum effort. We understand how important Christmas is for our e-commerce clients. Every year, our office colleagues also put on their courier uniform. You’ll find them mainly delivering ready meals, but the more experienced ones can also handle deliveries from online grocery stores.

Food delivery is the most complex job from a courier’s point of view, and you will also find colleagues among our management and back-office who can handle it with ease. Other colleagues mainly help with express delivery of parcels and ready meals. So it’s quite possible that someone from our management team has delivered lunch to your customers.

Whoever is in the DODO t-shirt, we do our best to meet deadlines and provide maximum service to our end customers. And not just at Christmas, but all year round. We also like to share our experiences, like in our article 10 tips for a smooth year-end grocery delivery.