Case study: Revolutionising book logistics for Bookbot  

bookbot dodo casestudy

Bookbot, an online second-hand bookshop, was looking to make a significant impact at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt. Focusing specifically on book enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals, they wanted to extend their footprint in Germany. However, Bookbot faced unique challenges in last-mile logistics, mainly due to the substantial weight of books. That required specialised home pick-up services, which we flexibly offered and launched a new service “Booktaxi” in just three days. 

Bookbot’s presence in Germany had just started in 2023. The company wanted to introduce itself to the German clientele at the Frankfurt book fair, creating a buzz around its service, where anyone can buy and sell books through Bookbot. They came up with the idea of “Booktaxi”. However, they struggled with high costs per unit in last-mile delivery and decided to find a professional partner who could deliver books efficiently and sustainably.  

Launch in 3 days 

Recognizing the urgency and the specific demands of Bookbot, we created a tailor-made solution. Leveraging our GAIA logistics platform and extensive local knowledge, we offered a co-branded, electric pick-up van that could be operational within 2-3 days. We also suggested covering selected high-density outskirts of Frankfurt to maximise productivity and order fulfilment.

The implementation was a testament to DODO’s agility and collaborative ethos with our teams across Austria and Germany working hand-in-hand. We defined the service area and provided immediate client access to our customer portal and operational support on the ground. This collaborative approach allowed for an extended campaign duration, showcasing our capacity to seamlessly adapt to last-minute client requests.  

Success leading to expansion 

The campaign was a resounding success. Over 13 days, our solution facilitated 49 orders, a substantial achievement given the campaign’s rapid rollout. The service, operating from Monday to Friday with three time slots per day, ensured 100% timely service. This efficiency led to a significant increase in orders after the first week, reflecting the excitement and approval of customers in Frankfurt.  

The most notable accomplishment was the feature in FAZ, a prominent German newspaper, which not only elevated Bookbot’s brand visibility but also highlighted the sustainable and innovative approach of the logistics solution.  

Booktaxi soon in Berlin 

Buoyed by the success in Frankfurt, Bookbot plans to expand the Booktaxi service into Berlin in 2024 and is considering a return to Frankfurt on a reduced scale. This expansion clearly indicates the demand and visibility achieved in Germany, a testament to the effective partnership between Bookbot and DODO.  

This cooperation was a logistical triumph and a strategic masterstroke. It demonstrated the power of quick thinking, the importance of local insights, and the effectiveness of sustainable logistics solutions. For Bookbot, this venture was more than just a marketing campaign; it was a significant step towards achieving their business goals and cementing their presence in a key European market. For DODO, it was another opportunity to showcase our commitment to providing innovative, eco-friendly, and client-centric logistics solutions.  

We are a service that helps people sell their books. We take care of the entire process – it’s like having a personal bookstore concierge. My personal goal is to make Bookbot the number one marketplace for used books. I want Bookbot to be the first port of call for readers when they are looking for a specific book. As far as the future is concerned, we are planning to further expand our presence in Europe. Thanks to DODO, we have found a strong and flexible partnership that we can rely on in our dynamic approach to expansion.” says Dominik Gazdos, CEO of Bookbot.