We manage logistics using the data-driven GAIA platform

Through our own logistics platform, we evaluate 300+ data items daily. This data enables us to optimize all processes. Our goal is to make urban logistics more efficient and sustainable.

Flexible delivery

Shipments are delivered in time intervals or slots. They start at 30 minutes. The main goal is convenience for the end customer.

Safety and reliability

As we are constantly collecting operational data, we place maximum emphasis on their safety. Encryption of data during transmission is standard in our country.

Zonal logistics

We optimize routes for faster and more cost-effective delivery. We know how to make the most of our fleet, making delivery sustainable at the same time.

Courier ratings

To ensure a high standard of service quality, we use a courier scoring system. The system evaluates their driving style, accident rate and client feedback.

Advanced reporting

We have a real-time overview of operational efficiency based on the data we collect. Our partners can access the same information via API.

Cash management

Our system is designed for all available payment methods – cash, vouchers, credit cards. Security of payment transactions is a priority for us.

Data are the key to efficient urban logistics

We evaluate up to 300+ key indicators daily that impact our fleet operations. In addition to high productivity, our goal is sustainable urban mobility.
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Why to cooperate with us?

Our emphasis on data, predictive planning and environmentally friendly vehicles make us the ideal choice for modern urban logistics.
We can cover almost all segments from food to furniture. We can handle delivery in as little as 30 minutes.
We have developed our own GAIA system, which evaluates a huge amount of data in real time and can therefore select the most advantageous routes and predict demand.

Questions and answers

How is DODO different from common carriers?

We specialize in the last mile segment. It is this final part of the customer journey that determines how satisfied the customer will be with your company. That’s why at DODO we use our own GAIA logistics platform, which ensures that delivery is always fast and reliable.

Why is last mile delivery so complicated?

Most customers ideally want their goods the same day, or at the latest the next day. But a number of obstacles and factors enter into a seamless delivery within a few hours, from courier workload to weather. This makes the last mile the most costly part of the entire logistics process.

What are the advantages of DODO compared to self-transport?

Doing your own transport is a very demanding task in terms of organisation and investment. It is not worthwhile for companies to operate a fleet of cars and couriers, because the delivery would usually be busy only at certain hours. We can use couriers to their full potential throughout the day. In addition, along with delivery, they would have to look after car servicing, cash management, route planning and other problems that we can easily solve for them.

How can I start cooperating with DODO?

Just contact the Sales Department. Linking up itself is very simple. We offer an API for quick integration, plus partners have real-time statistics on every order and advanced reporting for different people in the company.

Doesn’t DODO worsen the traffic situation in cities?

Our vision is sustainable logistics. That’s why all DODO vehicles run on CNG, which has minimal emissions. In addition, modern technology helps us to keep the vehicles running at full capacity and to deliver multiple shipments for different clients along the route.

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